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How do you measure your health?

Measure Your Health
Pain and other symptoms are part of your health measurement, but are just a piece of your whole health picture. Puzzle Piece We will do a variety of tests to determine just how well you are functioning. Some test we perform you can not receive anywhere else.

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Your Performance in Life

Chiropractic is all about improving performance in life. Often when the concept of performance is mentioned people think of athletes, muscians or actors. Ask yourself this question. Is a hockey game or signing performance really more important than your life? Of course it isn't. Atheletes invest a lot of time and energy into enhancing their performance. Isn't your life worth the same attention.


EducationWe all know that education is a very valuable part of life. For many education never stops. Constantly improving yourself through courses and learning new material through experience has many advantages. Often it is necessary if you want to advance in your career. It is always an improvement in your overall quality of life.

Your nervous system certainly plays an important role in your capacity for education. The function of your brain is directly influenced by the flow of information in the nervous system. If there is nerve interference present it creates a constant “background noise” in the nervous system and this makes it more difficult to mentally process information. Many people find their ability to problem solve, think creatively and perform calculations to be enhance when under chiropractic care.


Father and DaughertsNo activity is more important than parenting. This is the bedrock of the progress of our society. It is a an extremely demanding job that is happening 24/7. Functioning at your best to keep up with the demands of parenting is a challenging task.

Chiropractic care is all about giving your body the best chance possible of adapting to the demands of life. The demands of parenting can range from methodical long term planning to immediate crisis intervention. Keeping your nervous system clear of interference and ready to overcome any challenge that comes up with your little ones is essential for peak parenting performance.

Job or Career

Business ManThere may be no area in life where performance is more apparent than in the work place. Whether you have a boss or you are the boss, your performance is being measured every day. The line between landing the contract and losing the contract is very thin. Have that extra edge to keep you on the winning side of that line is extremely important.

Chiropractic care is part of a winning approach to high achievement in the workplace. The next sale, the next promotion, or the next venture all depend on your body functioning at its best in all aspects. Your mind needs to be sharp, your energy needs to be high, and your immune system needs be impenitrable. All of these aspects are regulated by your nervous system. Keeping it clear of interference so it can work at its best is the best course of action to take to make sure you get the job done.


RelationshipsAll our relationships are extremely important in life. Our intimate relationships with our partner and immediate family. Our circle of friends. Our neighbours and community members. All of these people play an important role in our life. We help each other to get through life. It is important to be able help when help is needed. It is also important to know that we have developed good relationships so that we are confident that help is needed if we are in need.

Chiropractic helps to keep us emotionally grounded. We can be more empathetic and sympathetic to the needs of others. We are able to connect with others at deeper levels. All of this is the foundation for much healthier communities and that translates into a much higher quality of life.


Running ManThe fact that chiropractic helps us physically doesn’t need much explanation. Most people are aware of this role. Our ability to move in life depends on healthy joints and muscles. These are both controlled directly by the nervous system. If your nervous can’t communicate properly you can’t move properly. It is as simple as that. You might not notice the loss of movement as it is happening because it can be a very gradual process. It is always best to stay ahead of the situation and keep your body moving at its best at all times. Chiropractic has been doing this for decades. Many professional athletes depend on chiropractic to keep them in the game. You are playing the game of life and in that game it is even more important not to get sidelined. Your body has many moving parts and all of them are coordinated through the nervous system. A properly functioning nervous system is a requirement for good physical health. You just can't get there without it.

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Our inner peace is our natural state. The busy-ness of life hides it from us. We yearn to be able to get away an lie on the beach in order to reclaim it. That just isn't enough to support our health. We need to return to our peace nature every day. Chiropractic care helps to clear the communication pathways so that we can find our inner peace with ease. We all have different ways of returning to peace. We all need to find our way.



We have many moving parts and many bodily functions. We must keep them all moving and functioning at their best if we want to perform at our best in life. A competetive athelete strives to be as powerful as they can to be the best at their game. Is an athletes game more important than your life? Of course not! Then it makes sense that keeping your body powerful is just as important, isn't it? Chiropractic care keeps the power on.



What is it in life the moves you. What activites get you so engrosed that time flys by when you are doing them. Who are the people in your life that make your life worth living. These are your passions and they are an essential part of your health. Chiropractic care helps you to stay fully engaged in your passions. When your health suffers your whole life suffers. The people in your life suffer and you can no longer do the things you love. Protect your passion by safeguarding your health.

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