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How do you measure your health?

Measure Your Health
Pain and other symptoms are part of your health measurement, but are just a piece of your whole health picture. Puzzle Piece We will do a variety of tests to determine just how well you are functioning. Some test we perform you can not receive anywhere else.

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Subluxations: How Much Damage Do They Cause?

A simple definition of a chiropractic subluxation is an interference in the normal communication through the nervous system. This can be caused by a spinal bone being stuck out of place, moving in an abnormal direction, or not moving at all.

When the bone is stuck out of position it is like it is sitting on the nerve choking it off. Kinda like when you sit for Sitting in Theatre too long in the movie theatre and your leg goes to sleep. An important thing to note in this situation is that you rarely notice that it is happening. You feel fine until you try to get up. When you stand up you experience a lot of pins and needles as the leg comes back to life. This shows how you can develope dysfunction without feeling it and when the bone is out of place this is often the same type of thing that happens, just at a much slower rate and a more permanent result.

When the bone is moving in an abnormal motion it will irritate the nerve. This Irritating Shoes is a lot like a nice a pair of shoes that don't fit properly. They slide on your heel with each step. You might not even notice or you do notice and think it will be fine because it is just a little movement. Then you go out for a short 5 km run and the next day you have a blister. When this type of improper movement happens with your bones it can irritate the nerve in the same way. This causes the nerve to send an irritated signal. Kinda like static on a phone conversation. This will affect any area those nerves go. It might be the muscles in your feet or the blood supply to your scalp. In any case it means you won't be functioning as well as you could be.

The last situation is when the bone is not moving at all and the brain loses track of where that bone is. Every time a bone moves it sends signals to the brain so it can keep track of its position and what it is doing. If the brain doesn't get those signals it gets confused and loses control of Radar Error that area. It is much like how the control tower keeps track of all the air planes in the sky. The air plane is constantly sending a signal back to the tower. That way the tower can tell it to alter its course if necessary. The tower can see all the other planes too and it makes sure that they don't crash into each other. If one plane stops sending a signal then all the plans are in trouble. In the body if a joint gets stuck and stops sending signals to the brain then not just that joint is in trouble but all of the joints that depend on the movement of that joint are also going to be in trouble.

The most important thing to realize about subluxation is that most of the time the damage that is occurring is happening in silence. The chiropractor is able to detect the subluxation long before it causes permenant damage and long before any symptoms start. The image below shows you the damage that long term subluxation will create. The disc will become thinner and possibly herniate. The bone will become rough around the edges and more brittle and less mobile. The nerves will become thinner and less effective at carrying a strong message. All of this addes up to a decreased quality of life and quite possibly a shorter life due to the creation of some type of disease.


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Our inner peace is our natural state. The busy-ness of life hides it from us. We yearn to be able to get away an lie on the beach in order to reclaim it. That just isn't enough to support our health. We need to return to our peace nature every day. Chiropractic care helps to clear the communication pathways so that we can find our inner peace with ease. We all have different ways of returning to peace. We all need to find our way.



We have many moving parts and many bodily functions. We must keep them all moving and functioning at their best if we want to perform at our best in life. A competetive athelete strives to be as powerful as they can to be the best at their game. Is an athletes game more important than your life? Of course not! Then it makes sense that keeping your body powerful is just as important, isn't it? Chiropractic care keeps the power on.



What is it in life the moves you. What activites get you so engrosed that time flys by when you are doing them. Who are the people in your life that make your life worth living. These are your passions and they are an essential part of your health. Chiropractic care helps you to stay fully engaged in your passions. When your health suffers your whole life suffers. The people in your life suffer and you can no longer do the things you love. Protect your passion by safeguarding your health.

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